And Now for Something Completely Different

Snowstorm every week getting to you, good buddy?
Wondering where the sun has gone for the last two months?
Thinking of last summer instead of how to spend today?

This quiet moment of something completely different
presented to answer one of your questions.
The sun has gone to Puerto Rico (Confer photo).
Saw it there on a working visit last week when our
conference members were taken to Old San Juan for a few hours.
Hardly seems right to keep the view to myself.
So enjoy, and take courage. The sun is coming north any day now.


Let the Light Shine

A festive time of many colors –
A Baltimore neighborhood annually bathed in light.
Blessings of the Christmas season to you,
and a coming year of peace, too.

Winter’s White Blanket

Winter snow snuck into Chicago during the night.
City snow stays beautiful for a short time,
like a blanket of white on the evergreens.
But the streets must be cleared that life might go on,
life thought of in its narrow form of “business as usual.”
Maybe snow is sent to us to slow us down,
just for awhile.

Last Leaf of Autumn

autumn red on blue sky
The afternoon temperature hints at snow
some day soon.
The last leaf of Autumn holds on for dear life
as we all do,
anticipating harder times, perhaps.
But letting go will lead to flight
in the stiff upward breeze.
Time to pray for a soft landing!

A Stone’s Throw Away

Sometimes it is good to leave the Contemporary Age
and spend some time in the Stone Age.
How did “they” get those little round stones to balance up there?
Were the kids of giants just amusing themselves one day?
Such scenes force us to ask different questions than
what cereal to have for breakfast.
Anything to keep the dendrites growing on a 67th birthday!

Follow the Leader

Summer brings out new and different things,
like sharing the sidewalk with the invasion of the Segue people.
Quietly zipping along,
they defy gravity as they snake their way through summer crowds.
What if we had been born with wheels instead of feet?

Somehow I like it better the way we are.
Tires would never feel the grains of warm sand giving way under one’s foot on a beach.
Happy summer!

Independence Day 2010

Freed from the cocoon of their birth,
Butterflies sail along as they will,
enamored by the beauty all around them.

Independence is our yearning from birth.
Blessed are those who live in countries where they enjoy freedom of all sorts…
Freedom for doing good, not evil.